As the cold weather approaches and the leaves begin to fall there are several things you need to prepare for. Let’s look at that previous sentence.

Cold weather:

Is the insulation in your attic deep enough to hold out the frigid cold?

Are the eave vents plugged with the dust of the year and the cottonwood seeds?

Is the ventilation on your roof going to exchange the moist air in your attic with fresh air as it is supposed to.

Leaves falling:

Are your gutters hanging correctly to get that water moving in the right direction and help prevent Ice dams?

Do you need to clean your gutters and install some leaf covers?

Are there areas where you had trouble last season and maybe need a heat cable?

All these are good questions that all homeowners should be asking. We specialize in helping you make it through the harsh winter months as comfortably as possible. All it takes is a call to one of our specialist and we can come give you an evaluation of your home and solve some potential problems before they are a big problem.