Visualize your next Home Improvement Project

Transform photos of your home from your smartphone into a customizable 3D model.

New Capabilities to visualize your home improvement project

With HOVER, you as a homeowner, can download the app, take pictures of your home, and then virtually customize your home improvement vision with this 3D model.



Fill out the form below, then we will send you an email and text on how to download the HOVER app. Once you have it downloaded it’s as easy as these few steps below!


Take Your Photos

Using the HOVER app capture 8 photos from around the exterior of your home and your photos are automatically uploaded.

Customizable Patented 3d Technology

HOVER will transform the photos of your home into a customizable 3D model.

Custom Design Your Home

HOVER allows you to make visual changes to your roof, siding, windows and more with the top home improvement products on the market.

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